Passive Drug Exposure

What is passive exposure to drugs

Drug Testing Hair Testing

A common situation is that your client will say they've been in an environment that has exposed them to drugs, but they haven't taken any drugs. Can a hair drug test show this information? A hair drug test will provide an accurate and historic description of what your clients past drug... Read More


What is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

The Science

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders or FASDs, are a group of conditions that can represent themselves in a person that suffered from a mother that drank alcohol during their pregnancy. FASD effects can range from severe to very mild, each condition can have various effects on a person, this... Read More

Excessive alcohol

What is excessive alcohol abuse?

Alcohol Testing The Science

On the one hand excessive alcohol abuse can be difficult to clarify, there are various factors that govern our ability to consume alcohol and negate its effects at different rates.  However what is clear that there are no safe drinking levels, so the term “Excessive Alcohol Abuse... Read More

Blood Alcohol Testing

What if your client has a fear of needles?

Alcohol Testing Blood Testing

Its is likely that some of your clients will have a fear of needles, otherwise know as Trypanophobia. Trypanophobia is an intense fear of sharp objects, such as a needle, the condition has also been known as Aichmophobia, Belonephobia, or Enetophobia. The condition was officially recognised... Read More

Hair types for alcohol and drug testing

What hair is best for a drug or alcohol test?

Hair Testing

Hair testing is used to determine the level of drug or alcohol consumed during a period of up to one year before the date of sampling. Exactly how far back a test can cover is down to one fundamental aspect - the length of hair. Head hair grows on average 1cm per month, however growth can... Read More

Dangers of Legal Highs

What are the odds when your client takes legal highs?

Drug Information Drug Testing

‘Legal Highs', a popular term adopted by the media and more commonly by the general public, is actually incorrect. Their real name is New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). Categorised as Designer Drugs/Bath Salts/Synthetics, NPS is the name that should be used to define them and it describes them... Read More

Signs of Drug Abuse

Understanding the signs of drug abuse

Drug Testing Hair Testing

It is likely that you will come into contact with clients that are suffering from drug abuse, but what are the signs of drug abuse?   The definition of drug abuse can be characterised as the habitual use of illegal or legal drugs. Drugs are effective at making the user addicted, due to the... Read More

Umbilical Cord Testing

Umbilical cord testing: What are the benefits?

The Science Umbilical Cord Testing

Umbilical cord testing is gaining popularity across UK Local Authorities, so what does it offer?   There is a growing need to establish the levels of drugs and alcohol a baby has been subjected to during their prenatal phase. Conditions such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder are affecting... Read More

Sleeping hair and drug testing

Sleeping hair / Resting hair and its effect on drug testing

Hair Testing

Hair drug testing allows the detection of drugs for up to one year prior to the date of sampling however it is important to be aware of “Sleeping Hair”. Sleeping hair, also known as “Latent Hair” or "Resting Hair", is the 3rd phase of the hair cycle which is called the Telogen phase.... Read More

Mouth swab for paternity test

Mouth swabs or blood samples: which one is needed and why?

Blood Testing

DNA testing is always improving with new technologies and techniques, and so does the method of taking a DNA sample. The following article will indicate what DNA samples will be needed from your client and how it will be taken. Paternity and extended family testing has changed due to new... Read More

DNA Markers

How many DNA markers do we test for?

DNA Testing

DNA Legal are often asked about how many DNA markers we test for and how this will benefit your clients results. Simply put, the more DNA markers you can test for, the greater the chances of a conclusive result.   The majority of labs in the UK test for a total of 16 DNA markers, whereas... Read More

Prenatal Paterntiy

How does paternity testing work?

DNA Testing

When your client requests a paternity test, they will most likely want to know how a paternity tests actually works. This article will explain how DNA Legal conducts a paternity test, and why our tests are the best on the market. How does a paternity test work? The first step in a paternity... Read More

Legal Hair Drug Testing

How are drugs detected in hair?

Drug & Alcohol Testing Hair Testing The Science

Hair drug testing analyses a clients hair sample for drugs, that they may of used within a stipulated timeframe. Hair samples taken from the clients head or body hair are sent to our laboratory to be examined for legal or illegal drug substances. Toxicology experts will be looking for... Read More

Hair Products

Hair Products & False Positive Hair Alcohol Test Results

Alcohol Testing Drug & Alcohol Testing Hair Testing The Science What Affects Testing

A recent exposure has shown that as many as 30% of hair alcohol cases reported to UK courts over a 3 year period (ending March 2014) were incorrectly interpreted. A large reason for this was change in alcohol patterns and incorrect testing requested however around 20% of hair products... Read More

How much hair for drug testing

Hair Drug Testing - more than one hair?

Hair Testing

Hair Strand Testing by its very name has caused confusion for solicitors, legal executives and donors requested to submit to a drugs test by the court. The most common question our client support team get asked is how many strands of hair are needed? Whilst the answer depends on the thickness of... Read More

Drugs Menu

Drugs Menu

Drug Testing

Our drug’s menu is designed to help you find any drug simply and easily, whilst informing you what the drug is and how much you it can go for on the street.

Hair Bleaching

Can bleached hair be tested for alcohol and drugs?

Blood Testing Drug & Alcohol Testing Hair Testing Nail Testing The Science What Affects Testing

Before a hair drug or alcohol test, your client may surprise you with  a new bleached haircut, but will this affect the hair drug or alcohol tests? Hair drug test and bleached hair Whenever a drug is consumed (smoked, injected, snorted or ingested in any way) the drug metabolises within... Read More