A Guide to MDMA Drug Testing

The purpose of our ongoing series is to shed light on the legal repercussions of drug use. Various articles about the misuse of amphetamines, ketamine, cannabis, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and tramadol have already been published by us. In this article, we’re going to explore another widely used... Read More

15th May 2024

A Guide to Anabolic Steroids Drug Testing

Our ongoing series is thought out to raise awareness about the consequences of drug use in a legal context. Several articles have already been published about the misuse of amphetamines, ketamine, cannabis, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and tramadol. This article focuses on anabolic steroid drug... Read More

22nd April 2024

The Impact of Abusing Prescription Painkillers

A report by NHS England in March 2023 revealed opioid prescriptions have reduced by 450,000 in under four years. The article credits GPs and pharmacists who have cracked down on prescribing prescription pain relief when there are alternatives. Within the same report, NHS England introduced a new... Read More

4th April 2024

A Guide to Benzodiazepines Drug Testing

Our DNA Legal ongoing series aims to explore the legal implications of drug misuse. We've published articles relating to amphetamines, ketamine, cannabis, cocaine, and tramadol misuse. They're prescribed medications to treat anxiety, panic disorders, and insomnia. Production, supply, and... Read More

24th January 2024

Is someone a High, Medium or Low Drug User?

Drug Testing

A common question the team receives is if a donor is a high, medium or low user of a particular drug. This article aims to explain what these levels mean and what they don’t mean. What are low, medium and high levels? At DNA Legal, in line with industry-determined practice, we perform a... Read More

21st December 2023

A Guide to Tramadol Drug Testing

Our ongoing DNA series explores the legal implications of drug use and drug testing in legal scenarios. Articles with insights about ketamine, cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamines are already live.  Now, the series will explore the legal consequences of unprescribed tramadol use. ... Read More

11th December 2023

Cocaine - cutting and lacing

Drug Testing Hair, Drug and Alcohol Industry Updates

The UK is “fast becoming the biggest consumer of cocaine in Europe” according to previous UK Security Minister, Ben Wallace. With this rise in demand, are suppliers cutting cocaine more than ever before, and if so, with what?  In this article, the DNA Legal toxicology team, who write ... Read More

3rd December 2023

A Guide to Amphetamine Drug Testing

The ongoing DNA series on drug testing designed to help people understand the ramifications of drug use in legal scenarios has already explored the legal consequences of ketamine, cocaine, and cannabis. This post focuses on amphetamine - commonly known by its street names, speed, billy, and whizz... Read More

27th November 2023

A Guide to Cannabis Drug Testing

In our ongoing series on drug testing, we've explored the intricacies of Ketamine and Cocaine drug testing and its relevancy in legal scenarios. Today, we are looking at another widely used illicit drug - Cannabis. Cannabis (aka marijuana, weed, dope, grass, hash etc.) is a well-known Class B... Read More

6th November 2023

A Guide to Cocaine Drug Testing


In our ongoing series on drug testing, we've explored the intricacies of Ketamine drug testing and its relevance in legal scenarios. Today, we shift our focus to another widely abused substance - cocaine. Cocaine, a notorious Class A drug, carries severe legal consequences for its possession,... Read More

6th November 2023

Alcohol Testing: What you need to know

Alcohol is one of the highest contributing factors to domestic violence, abuse, health issues and the breakdown within families and issues in workplace situations. Testing for alcohol provides a scientifically proven method to monitor an individual's alcohol use over a period of time. An alcohol... Read More

16th May 2023

Peth Testing: An Expert Guide

Peth Testing is the most accurate blood test to determine Alcohol Abuse for family courts, fitness to practice, clinical studies and treatment centers.  Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Testing provides a detection of alcohol abuse with 99% sensitivity (far higher than traditional blood... Read More

22nd March 2023