What is a toxicology report and how to get one?


Toxicology, the study of the effects of drugs, chemicals, poisons, and other substances on living organisms, is a very interesting field that can have major implications in the legal world. Thanks to the expert work of toxicologists and their toxicology reports, the samples of hair, urine, blood,... Read More

5th August 2021

Drug Metabolites (Part 5) Cannabis Case Study

Case Studies

Cannabis Case Study The donor advised that he has never consumed cannabis, but is in an environment where cannabis is frequently smoked. Participant - Adult male Type of testing - Hair strand testing (HST) Detection period - 3 months approximately (overview) Results: Table 1:... Read More

9th June 2021

Drug Metabolites (Part 4): Child Cocaine Case Study

Cocaine Case Study The child is suspected of being in an environment where cocaine is frequently being consumed. Background: Participant - Child  (Age 4)  Type of testing - Hair strand testing (HST) Detection period - 4 months (segmented) Discussion: Cocaine... Read More

28th May 2021

Drug Metabolites (Part 3): Cocaine Case Study

Cocaine Case Study The mother is trying to prove the cessation of cocaine in order to reinstate custody of her child. Background: Participants - Mother  Type of testing - Hair strand testing (HST)  Detection period - 3 months (segmented)    No chemical... Read More

26th May 2021

Drug testing: Drug Metabolites (Part 2)

Drug Testing

In part 1 we touched on how metabolites assist in interpreting results, so this week we are going to look at this in more detail, and how a few common drugs and their metabolites can tell us about patterns of usage. We will follow this up in part 3 with a case study to illustrate how we at DNA... Read More

20th May 2021

Drug testing: Drug Metabolites (Part 1)

What is a metabolite? When a drug has been consumed, the body breaks down the drug, in order to eliminate the drug from the body. During this “breakdown” chemical alteration to the main drug occurs and therefore creates a different substance; a metabolite. Drug metabolites are helpful in... Read More

12th May 2021

Alcohol Blood Testing: Hair strand testing combined with PEth

Hair, Drug and Alcohol

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in the blood is a highly specific, stable, and sensitive marker that is capable of distinguishing between teetotallers, social, chronic and excessive drinking behaviour.  It is considered a direct biomarker of alcohol meaning it is only produced after someone has... Read More

5th May 2021

Alcohol Blood Testing: Traditional Vs PEth Testing

Alcohol Testing

Traditional Tests Include  1. Liver Function Testing (LFT) is a medical test used to assess the health of the liver. When chronic excessive alcohol levels have been consumed, it can cause the liver to be damaged. Therefore, analysing the health of the liver can help to determine whether an... Read More

26th April 2021

EtG and FAEE, the Two Key Alcohol Markers

Alcohol Testing

What is EtG? Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) is a direct biomarker and is specific to alcohol; meaning it is only produced in the presence of alcohol. EtG is mainly incorporated into the hair and nails from the bloodstream via the hair bulb (for hair) and via the nail bed and nail root (for nails). This... Read More

19th April 2021

Alcohol containing products impact on your alcohol results of hair strand testing (HST)

Alcohol Testing

The impact of alcohol-containing hair products on alcohol hair strand testing (HST) is a common question that arises in alcohol monitoring cases.  For testing historical alcohol use in hair, there are two main markers of alcohol which are tested for; Ethylglucuronide (EtG) and Fatty Acid... Read More

19th March 2021

What is an expert witness report and how to get one

The legal world is something of a minefield for those who are not trained in the art of understanding it. With complicated laws, technical exceptions, and a shedload of paperwork involved in each case, it really pays to have an expert opinion that can add weight to your cause.  For all of... Read More

4th February 2021