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About Us

Our Team

David Nicholson Managing Director

David Nicholson, a successful biotechnology entrepreneur founded DNA Worldwide Group in 2004 with the aim to transform the level of service provided and ensure true quality and care in the industry. 

With the complex scientific process of DNA and Toxicology testing in early 2000 clients were often left to fend for themselves, scrambling around to find places for samples to be taken and ending up with reports that did not make sense. David decided this had to change and set about to build a company with the highest quality laboratory testing, world leading experts and exceptional client support. 

In 2013 Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH adopted the trading name "DNA Legal" for Section 20 Court directed testing within the United Kingdom.  David was recruited to work on brand development of the toxicology services. 

David now focuses on ensuring the integrity of the brand is never lost working closely with everyone in the team to deliver the highest quality of care possible. 

Dr Salah Breidi Head of Toxicology

Dr. Salah Eddine Breidi is a Forensic Scientist and Expert in Forensic Toxicology. Dr. Breidi is the head of Forensic toxicology at DNA Legal, he is responsible for the interpretation of forensic evidence including Drugs and Alcohol analysis. Dr. Breidi works with an experienced team of lab technicians and scientists to provide the most sensitive and accurate results in the field of Forensic science. 

Dr. Salah E. Breidi graduated from Kingston University in London as a Forensic Scientist. He was awarded his Master’s degree in Forensic Analysis. He also holds a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences degree from the University of Balamand. He was awarded a certificate from the Justice Rapid Response in conjunction with the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) to assists States, the United Nations system, as well as other international institutions such as the International Criminal Court (ICC). Dr. Breidi acted as a forensic expert witness at the United Kingdom Magistrate courts. Dr. Salah Breidi have investigated and reported hundreds of forensic toxicology cases.

Emma Latham Head of Business Development and Sales

Emma works seamlessly to ensure transparency and communication are at the heart of everything she does. 

She marries her love of science with her passion for people in developing new business relationships, whilst retaining a strong bond with her existing clients through the hard work and dedication of her team.

Michelle Underwood Head of Compliance

With a Forensics background Michelle is inspired by the details of every case. 

She works tirelessly to ensure that absolute quality is provided to each and every client. 

Kate Francis Head of Collections

Kate leads the collection network with over 4,000 sites in 200 countries. 

With an eye for details she ensures all collectors exceed our strict competency training.