How many DNA markers do we test for?

DNA Testing
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DNA Legal are often asked about how many DNA markers we test for and how this will benefit your clients results. Simply put, the more DNA markers you can test for, the greater the chances of a conclusive result.  

The majority of labs in the UK test for a total of 16 DNA markers, whereas DNA Legal tests for a total of up to 68 DNA markers.

For cases involving siblings or extended family members, you may have heard that other labs will have only an 80% chance of reaching a conclusive result. This means that 1 in 5 tests will be returned to your clients as inconclusive.   

In extended tests, we examine up to 68 DNA markers, compared to the industry standard of only 16 DNA markers allowing us to obtain a 99.9999% accuracy of a result.  

Testing for fewer markers may appear cheaper, however your clients all important results will have a higher chance of coming back inconclusive. If this is the case, you will need to complete another DNA test, further increasing your clients time and financial resources being spent on DNA testing. Ultimately your client wants their results to be correct and to be returned as quickly as possible. DNA Legal does not charge extra to test for more DNA markers.  

What are the benefits of testing for 68 DNA markers?

Testing for more DNA markers allows us to give our clients guaranteed conclusive results. We can also simplify the process by requiring less participants to give DNA samples.

As we test for up to 68 DNA markers, we don't need a mothers DNA sample in a paternity case for example. Therefore removing one potential obstacle, which will help the process to be completed at a potentially quicker rate.

Testing  for more markers allows us to deliver a result with 99.9999% chance of a conclusive result. This means that your client will get a result at the first time of asking, removing any added pressure or trauma that the DNA testing process can sometimes implement on your clients at this stressful point in time in their lives.  

Want to know more?

If you unsure about the process or you would like to know more information about this subject You can contact the DNA legal team on 0203 4243 470 or you can request an online quote here.

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