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Advanced Hair Drug & Alcohol testing with absolute accuracy

Legal Drug and Alcohol Test

A new approach to drug and alcohol testing

Hair strand drug and hair strand alcohol testing provide the means to not only establish a client’s current drug and alcohol use – but also to support a pattern of change. Many clients make a commitment to combat an affliction of substance dependency, and legal hair drug and alcohol testing can provide evidence to accurately assess this change.

One problem in the UK is a lack of understanding of the testing needed to investigate the alleged pattern of substance use in a case – fuelled by a lack of communication and clarity from testing providers. As a result, it is estimated that over 15-20% of tests requested result in delays to court cases and potential miscarriages of justice in family law cases due to inaccurate interpretation.

For this reason, DNA Legal provide testing to support your client by assessing all underlying factors in their case, and practitioner training to ensure clarity in ordering testing, including:

  • CPD training and support for solicitors to convey the most appropriate testing options in any given
  • Free advice and support to all parties throughout the testing process 
  • Consideration of all other evidence in our expert witness reports

Simple, time saving, and hassle free 

A dedicated forensic toxicologist taking careful consideration of all factors in the case is key to the testing process. Our Head of Forensic Toxicology, Dr Salah Breidi, has a wealth of specialist experience in hair strand testing and forensic analyses. Together, we provide the UK’s most comprehensive and accurate expert witness service. 

We work closely with the leading care proceedings solicitors, barristers and judiciary to ensure:

  • A report with a clear executive summary 
  • A complete consideration of all factors that can affect a result 
  • Factoring in previous use of drugs, sleeping hair and treatments 
  • Consideration of cut-off levels 

An important consideration is that even if a test results in the positive identification of a drug, it does not necessarily mean that the client has taken the drug during the time-frame indicated. Our experts use scientifically validated data to support the analysis on a case-by-case basis.

DNA Legal regularly reviews results from other toxicology providers, where misinterpreted data has led to a questionable assessment.

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Competitive Pricing Below the LAA Rates 

We understand that as a legal firm you are required to maintain an expert list of suppliers to obtain multiple quotes for testing. At DNA Legal, quotes can be easily requested online or by telephone; we aim to provide your quote within 45 minutes. All prices are regularly monitored to ensure they are below both the LAA limits, and those of our competitors. DNA Legal monitor LAA developments to ensure quotes and invoices adhere to their guidelines.

At DNA Legal we can also provide you with the supporting documents and information needed for your expert file. 

Through efficient processes, we are able to offer testing up to 25% cheaper than many of our competitors. This benefits both the LAA and the client, if they are privately funded or self-representing. 

Fully Accredited and used by UK Courts

From the point of instruction by you to our delivery of the results and the support throughout, the entire process is certified and accredited: 

  • ISO 9001 for client support, samples collections and test result processing 
  • ISO 17025 for laboratory testing 
  • ISO 27001 for information security standards 

In addition, we are active members of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT), with our laboratory regularly taking part in proficiency testing and Ring Trials, we ensure we are at the forefront of testing excellence.

Every day, our expert witness reports are called upon in court alongside existing evidence, and our experts are often asked to reinterpret testing performed at other labs.

Rapid Turnaround Times 

With just 26 weeks to complete care proceedings, we have developed a number of solutions to help enable you to achieve this, and not be caught out by any delay in the drug and alcohol testing section. 

  1. Collections – cases are prepared within 12 hours of being instructed. At this point we will contact you directly or work with you to choose a suitable collection time and location 
  2. Lab Testing – drug results are released within 5 working days from receipt of the samples at our laboratory. Alcohol results are released within 5-6 working days from arriving at the laboratory. 
  3. Expert Reports – are written within 24 working hours from the time of the release of results