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Advanced Hair Drug & Alcohol testing with absolute accuracy

Drug & Alcohol

Hair Drug and Alcohol Test

A new approach to hair drug testing

Legal Hair Drug and Alcohol Testing provides a fundamental support for your clients who need to establish not only previous drug or alcohol abuse but to support their pattern of change. Many clients make the commitment to stop abusing drugs and alcohol and therefore you need an effective evidence test to accurately verify and confirm this. 

The problem in the UK is a lack of understanding about the type of testing that should be ordered and also how to interpret the results. As a result, and unfortunately for many clients, it is estimated that over 15 – 20% of tests requested result in unnecessary delays to court cases and potential miscarriages of justice due to inaccurate interpretation. 

For this reason DNA Legal provide testing that supports your client by considering the whole picture which includes:

  • CPD training and support for solicitors to ensure accurate testing instruction is given 
  • Free advice and support to all parties throughout the testing process 
  • Considering the whole case in all expert witness statements 

Simple, Time Saving, and Hassle Free 

Having an expert that takes great care of your client’s case is one of the most important aspects in the testing process. Dr Pascal Kintz, founder of hair testing, is DNA Legal’s Head of Toxicology. Together we provide the UK’s most comprehensive expert witness service. 

We work closely with the leading care proceedings solicitors, barristers and judiciary to ensure:

  • A report with a clear executive summary 
  • A complete consideration of all factors that can affect a result 
  • Factoring in previous use of drugs, sleeping hair and treatments 
  • Consideration of cut-off levels 

The important thing to consider is even if a report shows drugs are present it does not mean the client has taken the drugs during the timeframe indicated on the report. Our experts use scientifically validated data to support and back up all claims made. 

With such a large number of wrongly reported results, DNA Legal can help you protect your client from this happening to them. 

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Competitive Pricing Below the LAA Rates 

We understand that as a legal firm you are required to maintain an expert list of suppliers to obtain multiple quotes for testing. With DNA Legal, should you need a quote, you can either go online, or call us and we aim to let you have your quote within 45mins (during working hours). All our prices are regularly monitored to ensure they are below those of the LAA limits and also below those of our competitors. DNA Legal are in regular contact with the LAA to ensure all quotes and invoices are in the exact format needed. 

At DNA Legal we can also provide you with the supporting documents and information needed for your expert file. 

Through efficient processes we are able to offer the worlds most accurate testing 25 % cheaper than many of our competitors. This not only benefits the LAA but also benefits the client if they are privately funded or self-representing. 

Fully Accredited and used by UK Courts

From the point of instruction by you to our delivery of the results and the support throughout, the entire process is certified and accredited. 

  • ISO 9001 for client support, samples collections and test result processing 
  • ISO 17025 for laboratory testing 
  • ISO 27001 for information security standards 

In addition as active members of the Society of Hair Testing, (SoHT) with our laboratory taking regular part in proficiency testing and Ring Trials, we ensure we are at the forefront of testing excellence. 

Our complete accreditation process ensures that there is no gap in quality for your clients. Every day our reports are relied on in court and our experts are often asked to provide the re-interpretation of results provided by other labs. 

Rapid Turnaround Times 

With just 26 weeks to complete care proceedings, we have developed a number of solutions to help enable you to achieve this, and not be caught out by any delay in the drug and alcohol testing section. 

  1. Collections – cases are loaded onto the system within 12 hours of being instructed. At this point we will contact you directly or work with you to choose a suitable collection time and location 
  2. Lab Testing – drug results are released within 5 business days from the day that samples are received at the lab for testing. Alcohol samples are released within 7 – 10 business days from arriving at the laboratory 
  3. Expert Reports – are written within 48 working hours from the time of the release of results 

With a pre-arranged appointment system we can ensure a sample collector is ready for the clients’ second appointment (if required). We also combine hair testing with urine testing in some cases, and provide the results on the same day or at least within 24 hours.