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Forensic Testing Services

A new approach to forensic testing

DNA Legal provide a new approach and a higher level of forensic service for the legal sector, police, industry and private clients. 

When choosing a company for your forensic services we understand that both trust and experience are crucial. The outcome of the work is life changing. 

The entire team at DNA Legal is focused on providing the highest level of service, from the quality of care and expert advice, to the latest in technological advances.

In partnership with Eurofins you have the benefit of a global organisation offering over 100,000 reliable analytical methods at 170 sites in 34 countries. 

This means we are constantly validating cutting edge technology to ensure we use the most detailed testing service possible. With advances made daily, our experts rigorously evaluate new tests to support proven methods - in order to give your case the edge. 

Full advice and support to all parties throughout the evidence review, testing and expert witness service process 

Your dedicated case manager and Forensic Scientist will support you throughout the entire case, working together with you to ensure a fast turnaround service. This allows you to focus on what you do best. 

We are on hand to brief the legal team before and during the trial. 

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Forensic DNA Testing

  • A complete range of DNA testing including 21–46 STR markers, Y-STR, mtDNA, X-STR, SNP and next gen sequencing DNA evidence review including LCN reports
  • Disaster victim DNA identification services


  1. Hair drug and hair alcohol testing – for drugs of abuse, alcohol abuse and prescription abuse 
  2. Medication use, steroid and doping testing 
  3. Toxicology investigation – hair, urine, blood, oral fluid, nails, gastric content, organs and putrefactive liquid 
  4. Driving incidents – calculation of blood alcohol concentration, sample testing and drug driving reviews 

Drug Analysis 

  1. Identification of unknown substances such as powders, liquids, pills etc 
  2. Detection from objects such as cell phones, clothes, money, wraps etc 
  3. Confirmation and purity of known substances such as pharmaceuticals 

Expert Witness Service 

  1. Defence casework review – checking integrity and validity of results and conclusions in scientific reports 
  2. Offences and evidence types include firearm discharge residue, blood pattern analysis, glass analysis, marks and impressions, DNA transfer and persistence and injury causes 
  3. Expert reports for DNA and toxicology cases