What if your client has a fear of needles?

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Its is likely that some of your clients will have a fear of needles, otherwise know as Trypanophobia.

Trypanophobia is an intense fear of sharp objects, such as a needle, the condition has also been known as Aichmophobia, Belonephobia, or Enetophobia. The condition was officially recognised  in 1994 and people with Trypanophobia often feel an intense pain when a needle pricks the skin.

Your client might suffer from this condition or at least have a mild fear of needles, however most of our DNA testing is completed through the use of a mouth swab. Blood is only needed on a small number of our tests (prenatal DNA and CDT, LFT, FBC Blood Alcohol testing), so it is unlikely that your client will need to give blood as a sample.

DNA Legal have launched a new Blood Alcohol Test (PEth) that uses a simple finger prick instead of needing a needle. The test offers a greater level of accuracy over CDT, LFT & FBC and is fast replacing the traditional blood alcohol tests.

Fear of needles, what can your client do?

The first and most important aspect is to ensure the client feels supported through the process. If the client has a severe fear of needles then it would be worth using a finger prick such as the DNA Legal PEth test.

It will be important to let your client know exactly how the blood samples will be taken. This ensures there are no surprises on the day of the procedure. A trained nurse/collector will be appointed to carefully take the sample, this will happen at a time and place that suits your client.

Ensure your client informs the nurse if they have a fear or discomfort. If the client has a severe fear of needles, then a discussion with the nurse about applying an anesthetic may be needed. The anesthetic is a liquied based solution, and will be applied to the skin, which will give a numbing sensation.

If the client is likely to faint or feel light headed, it would be wise to inform the client that when they are giving their blood DNA sample, that they should be in a seated or in a lying down position. This should address the fear fainting and hurting themselves during the procedure.

These are all practical solutions that your client can take, there are other psychological techniques that could be used. Its important to remind your client that this procedure is needed to ensure an accurate alcohol test result, and is a very quick and painless process.      

Want to know more?

If you have clients that have a particular fear of needles, then please let the DNA Legal team know on 0203 4243 470. We will be happy to figure out a suitable solution for everyone involved.  

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