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Workplace Testing

Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing

Workplace drug and alcohol testing for your business

Introducing workplace drug and alcohol testing

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Sniffer dogs are one way of detecting drugs, but we have a more sophisticated approach.

We make the process of introducing a drug and alcohol testing program simple, with complete support for every department in your business.

Your dedicated account manager will personally help manage educational materials, end to end processes, review of existing policies and procedures, and sample collection.  We work with you to meet and exceed the health and safety requirements of your industry.

But workplace drug and alcohol testing is not just for meeting safety requirements - it is designed to transform the wellbeing of your company, and increase profits by minimising the cost of both absenteeism and presenteeism.

We give you a personal approach

We understand the challenges businesses face when they are confronted with drug and alcohol abuse within their staff, which is why DNA Workplace brings a personal approach to drug & alcohol testing.

We work alongside you to bring our expertise in drug and alcohol testing to help your business. Through close working relationships and the use of local sample collectors we deliver policies and implementation tailored to fit your company.

All testing is performed under ISO:17025 accredited laboratory facilities, and we have extensive experience in advising on the best way to implement workplace policies.

Working with your management team, your company will be supported in how to roll out a new policy, steps to enforce that policy and ways to help staff deal with any drug & alcohol issues. The way the program is implemented is down to your personal company ethos, we are here to advise and guide as there is no single ‘right’ way.


We are the cutting edge of drug and alcohol testing

With state of the art lab facilities, local collectors and friendly policy experts, DNA Workplace make the testing process simple.

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Why test in the workplace?

Research has shown the huge impact of ill health in the workplace. The estimated overall cost of ill health among the working population in the U.K. is over £107 billion. A Green and Black study estimated absenteeism to cost around £9 billion a year, and presenteeism around £16 billion. Elsewhere, Catapult say that absenteeism costs an average of £554 per employee a year.

The impact of substance misuse on these figures should not be underestimated, as this 2004 report from the Health and Safety Executive shows in detail. Drug and alcohol abuse can affect an employee’s health, and become a hidden problem within the workplace which costs companies thousands of pounds a year.

Effective workplace testing

Effective workplace testing first identifies, and then supports a staff member with a substance problem. If an issue persists, you can then rely on a clear policy to take further action as appropriate.

Other benefits of a drug and alcohol testing program include:

  • Maintaining safety and reducing the risk of accidents
  • Ensuring compliance in regulated industries
  • Fulfilling the terms or a contract, for instance with a government body.

We test over 2000 substances

As UK’s leading provider of Drug & Alcohol testing for the Family Courts, Local Authorities and the Forensics market, DNA Legal ensure all aspects of your testing are handled with accuracy and care.

With the largest database of New Psychoactive Substances in the UK, DNA Legal offer the most comprehensive Drug and Alcohol testing available.