SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing
SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing from DNA Legal

SCRAM Testing

Key points of the SCRAM Testing 

  • Transdermal readings are taken continuously every 30 minutes.
  • Anti circumventions technology that can detect:
    •Device Removals
    •Attempts to obstruct the samples being taken
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can store up to 30 days worth of alcohol readings within the Tag.
  • Up to 90-day battery life.
  • Water resistant.

Additional Key Points

  • Fits comfortably around the ankle.
  • Should a positive reading occur these are checked to confirm
    they are genuine drinking events.
  • You can choose to be updated after each confirmed drinking
    event or receive weekly/monthly court-approved reports.
  • Fitted by a DNA Legal SCRAM expert.

SCRAM statistics

  • Conducted over 3.8 billion Alcohol tests
  • SCRAM is currently being used in all 50 US states,
    Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherland
    and the UK
  • 99% of all monitored days have
    been sober days

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Combining Blood, Hair and SCRAM testing

When combining blood, hair and SCRAM testing you receive the full benefit for the case:

• Initial Hair and Blood Tests determine the baseline of past alcohol abuse
• 3 Months of SCRAM monitoring help support a change in abuse
• After Removal of SCRAM, optional blood testing monthly, followed by a hair & blood
test to confirm no relapse in alcohol use

Court Approved Reporting

  • On-demand court-approved reports can be provided monthly.
  • Notification of positive drinking events can beprovided within 24 hours of occurring.
  • Notification of tamper evidence can be provided within 24 hours of occurring.