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What Does a Non-Negative Drug Result Mean?

Drug Testing

When this question is first approached, ‘non-negative’ would surely in logical terms mean ‘positive’, but in the world of workplace testing and drug policies, this is not the way things work.  Allow us to explain. Is a non-negative result the same as a positive result? A drug... Read More

15th January 2020

UK Immigration Rules on Family Settlement


Immigration rules can be confusing, technical, written in ‘legalese’ and can be easily misinterpreted, especially when English is not your first language. There are restrictions based on what country an applicant is coming from and the rules can vary between temporary visitors, long-term visitors,... Read More

8th January 2020

How Long Does a Court-Ordered DNA Test Take?


When the question of paternity arises, it’s often as a means of finding out who is biologically responsible for financially supporting a child. It’s an emotional and stressful time for all involved, especially when there’s an ongoing dispute. To find out who the father definitely is (or isn’t), a... Read More

19th November 2019
Can a Paternity Test be Wrong?

Can a Paternity Test be Wrong?


The outcome for a families future can often rest on the results of DNA tests. Whilst you may or may not have ever been involved in the paternity testing process, it can often induce a great deal of emotion, anxiety, and fear for those who are. The outcomes have such important consequences that the... Read More

5th November 2019

Brexit & The Family Reunification Process


The uncertainty of Brexit and the impact it will have on the UK’s residents and businesses remains as uncertain today as it was a year ago. The UK media and the government's reports to the UK and the rest of the world’s populous continues to provide little clarity or reassurance as to what life... Read More

21st October 2019