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MDMA Exposure - A Second Opinion

Understanding Results Case Studies

What would you do if your client claimed their drink had been spiked with ecstasy, yet tests indicated they were a habitual user of the drug? In December 2012, Mr W. was off duty and socialising. He was given a drink which he later suspected had been spiked, almost certainly with MDMA. He... Read More

10th December 2014

Identical Twin DNA Testing - How it works and the results


Genome scientists working for the DNA Legal laboratory, Eurofins Forensik, have overcome a stumbling block that DNA testing has faced since its inception; how to distinguish between identical twins. Aside from looking alike, it was also considered that identical twins shared the same... Read More

8th December 2014
Interview: Dr Pascal Kintz

Interview: Dr Pascal Kintz


Dr Pascal Kintz is a world leader in drug and alcohol testing. He acts as DNA Legal’s Head of Toxicology, and is often called upon to provide expert analysis on cases across the globe. In 2004, his team examined the suspected poisoning of Ukranian politician ... Read More

11th October 2014