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Dry January: Tips on how to avoid alcohol and the benefits

What is Dry January? Dry January is a campaign by Alcohol Concern that challenges people to give up drinking alcohol throughout January. The campaign has grown in popularity since it first began in 2012, and was given a boost in 2015 when Public Health England got involved. Alcohol Concern say... Read More

18th January 2017

The Rise of Spice in UK Prisons

Over the past 5 years the use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), also known as ‘legal highs’, has become a growing problem in UK prisons. Research has found that the synthetic cannabinoid ‘Spice’ was seized 737 times in prisons in 2014, a significant jump from just 15 in 2010. The growth in... Read More

17th January 2017

Thousands of Drivers Caught Over the Alcohol Limit

According to the DVLA, over 8,000 drivers have been caught driving whilst over the limit on two occasions in the space of 5 years (2011 – 2015). Between 2011 and 2015 over 200,000 people were given DR10 endorsements on their license for driving or attempting to drive whilst over the legal... Read More

10th January 2017

Different types of hair used for alcohol testing

Using head hair to test for alcohol abuse is one of the most accurate and established methods available. However, we advise that hair testing should never be used in isolation and should be combined with other testing methods, such as blood testing. When there is a combination of testing methods,... Read More

9th January 2017
Is consent needed for a paternity test?

Is consent needed for a paternity test?

Each person who is taking part in the paternity test must give written consent to allow their DNA sample to be taken and tested. To achieve the most accurate and conclusive result, the biological mother should also be tested rather than only testing the father and child. If the child is under 16... Read More

12th December 2016