Historic Disputes Solved by DNA Testing

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Every year, numerous criminal cases are re-opened due to evidence offered by DNA testing, leading to convictions or exonerations of long past crimes. The chances of other suspects featuring the same DNA profile are quoted as ‘billions to one’, making it an accurate way of proving that an individual... Read More

21st January 2015

Profile: Sir Alec Jeffreys – the pioneer of DNA testing

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Today we almost take DNA testing in our stride rather than appreciating it for the marvel of modern science it truly is. TV shows like Jeremy Kyle have brought the pioneering work to the masses for entertainment, and thanks to detective shows like CSI, we all feel like we have a bit of the DNA... Read More

15th January 2015

The Legal Aid Effect on Family Law


The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act was passed in 2012, despite resistance from legal professionals, social workers, parliamentary opposition parties and charities. The LASPO act abolished the Legal Services Commission, an executive non-departmental public body of the... Read More

7th January 2015

New Research into Hair and Blood Alcohol Testing

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Testing for the ingestion of alcohol can be important for a variety of cases, criminal and otherwise. However, ethanol is quickly absorbed by the body, so once metabolism occurs testing for alcohol abuse often becomes difficult. Blood and urine samples can be taken, but results tend to be weak... Read More

16th December 2014
The National DNA Database:Clients' rights to privacy

The National DNA Database:Clients' rights to privacy


In 1995, the United Kingdom National DNA Database (NDNAD) was founded by the now defunct National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA), as a means of logging DNA samples from criminal suspects. To date, profiles of an estimated 7 million people have been recorded, with samples being recovered at... Read More

15th December 2014

MDMA Exposure - A Second Opinion

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What would you do if your client claimed their drink had been spiked with ecstasy, yet tests indicated they were a habitual user of the drug? In December 2012, Mr W. was off duty and socialising. He was given a drink which he later suspected had been spiked, almost certainly with MDMA. He... Read More

10th December 2014

Identical Twin DNA Testing - How it works and the results


Genome scientists working for the DNA Legal laboratory, Eurofins Forensik, have overcome a stumbling block that DNA testing has faced since its inception; how to distinguish between identical twins. Aside from looking alike, it was also considered that identical twins shared the same... Read More

8th December 2014

Hair Alcohol Testing - The 2014 Consensus

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On 13 June 2014, at a meeting in Bordeaux, France, the Society of Hair Testing passed a new consensus on the use of hair testing as a method of determining levels of alcohol consumption. The consensus is based on tests that took place from December 2013 to January 2014, with the participation of 31... Read More

30th November 2014

Nail Testing - A New Alternative to Hair Testing

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Determining drug and/or alcohol abuse is usually done through hair testing, but many circumstances render this approach impossible: baldness, religious grounds, or reluctant participants are all potential issues. Sometimes, collection agents even arrive only to find the person under suspicion... Read More

30th November 2014

Interview: Dr Pascal Kintz


Dr Pascal Kintz is a world leader in drug and alcohol testing. He acts as DNA Legal’s Head of Toxicology, and is often called upon to provide expert analysis on cases across the globe. In 2004, his team examined the suspected poisoning of Ukranian politician ... Read More

11th October 2014

Excessive Alcohol Abuse: From Legal Testing Perspective

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Alcoholism is often cited in family law cases, particularly those surrounding child neglect or domestic abuse. It’s an issue that carries huge implications for all parties concerned, so it’s vitally important to seek thorough and accurate testing when investigating claims. Governments used to... Read More

1st September 2014
Hair drug test: Positive doesn’t always mean positive

Hair drug test: Positive doesn’t always mean positive

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Hair drug testing can be used to determine drug abuse over a prolonged period of time, and also allows solicitors to establish a client’s pattern of change. Many drug abusers will make the commitment to stop, and you therefore need an accurate test to verify and confirm this. However, due to a... Read More

25th August 2014