Can a Paternity Test be Wrong?


The outcome for a families future can often rest on the results of DNA tests. Whilst you may or may not have ever been involved in the paternity testing process, it can often induce a great deal of emotion, anxiety, and fear for those who are. The outcomes have such important consequences that the... Read More

5th November 2019

Complex DNA Testing - What is it and why do markers matter?

DNA Paternity

As a legal professional you may be used to requesting DNA Testing, and when the report arrives simply turning to the conclusion to see if your client is related or not. On the surface that is perfectly acceptable because paternity testing is relatively straightforward, as closely related people... Read More

13th August 2014

Paternity Testing: What You Need To Know


Aside from cases such as surrogate pregnancy, it's usually pretty obvious who the mother of a child is. However, this is not the same with the father and in cases of doubt, many families have to resort to DNA paternity testing for a definitive answer. It is estimated that between 5% and 20... Read More

17th April 2014