Old hair drug & alcohol tests unreliable: MOJ warns

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DNA Legal is the leading provider of hair drug and alcohol services to the UK family courts. We were asked to intervene by The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jackson in a recent high court case to help the court understand how testing should be conducted and the limitations of testing. 

The result saw DNA Legal receive great praise for leading the industry in terms of accuracy and precision, something which is strongly behind the ethos of our company.

With the recent announcement by the Ministry of Justice regarding the reliability of the way that toxicology testing was conducted by two laboratories, at DNA Legal we want to not only reassure all our clients of the care and accuracy of testing we perform but also offer any support to those affected with results from those companies affected.

As a laboratory, DNA Legal have always had in place safeguarding and quality procedures to ensure absolute precision and reliability of each test carried out.

DNA Legal have been carrying out case reviews for people tested by the companies mentioned by the Ministry Of Justice and have seen a number of inaccuracies in the way reports have been written. Therefore, we are offering a free reporting case review to advise of any reporting errors and advise on what can be done about them.

“Due to our accuracy and market leading service, we are seeing a large increase in clients seeking a second opinion on the hair drug & alcohol reports. Unfortunately this has shown a number of reporting errors by competitor labs. To support this process we are offering a free case review after which we will provide guidance on possible options open to those affected clients.” 

Notes Dr Salah Braidy, Head of Toxicology

If you are interested in attending a free CPD webinar covering the implications of the announcement and the steps you can take if you have clients that question the results please contact your client manager or email cpd@dnalegal.com.

“DNA Legal was setup to provide industry leading testing and reporting delivered with care and support for all parties involved. We have long felt the importance of not only meeting industry standards but setting the bar to ensure these life changing tests are precise and reliable”.

Advises David Nicholson, Managing Director of DNA Legal.

Further details from the Ministry of Justice for those people affected can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/forensic-toxicology-tests.

DNA Legal have recently increased the capacity in our labs to support the growing demand by clients for our unique service, please get in touch if you require support on your next case.

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