DNA Legal at Society of Hair Testing Annual Conference

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DNA Legal Team
DNA Legal’s head of toxicology, Dr. Salah Briedi, attended the Annual Society of Hair Testing Conference which was held in Cardiff over the course of three days; 12-14 June.

The conference has a large focus on the interpretation of results that organisations and scientists provide to their clients. DNA Legal was recognised for the simple approach they take when relaying results to clients, making sure that the whole testing process is transparent and simple to everybody involved.

Dr. Salah Breidi shared:  

“It’s important for a representative of DNA Legal to attend such conferences so that as an organisation, we are completely up-to-date on all new developments and new analysis which takes place in the industry.”

“As an ever-growing business which has the power to change people’s lives, we’re always looking for the latest information and techniques which we’re able to implement to give our clients the best and most accurate results.”

The international society of hair testing’s purpose is to promote the development of the analysis of hair, and to standardize and to improve the techniques on the level of research and of toxicological expertise.

The Annual Society of Hair Testing Conference is attended by industry recognised scientists and researchers from all over the world, whom actively look for new information in hair testing including: new developments, unusual tests and new extraction techniques as well as other related issues.

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