DNA Maternity Test
Maternity DNA Test

Legal DNA Maternity Test 

Maternity DNA Test

Our legal maternity test is designed for court requirements, and can be used to establish if a mother and her children are biologically related for various legal reasons.

Why choose DNA Legal for Maternity Testing?

- Designed for court requirements 
- Testing for up to 3 people
- Lowest Price Guarantee 
- Complete Accuracy
- ISO:17025 Accredited

 A legal Maternity DNA test is required for the following reasons:

- When proving maternity in a court of law

- Confirming a birth certificate

- Immigration applications and refusals

- Wills

- Probate disputes 

A maternity DNA test confirms whether or not a woman is the biological mother of a child.

Just like a paternity test, the DNA pattern of the child is compared with that of the potential mother. The legal maternity DNA test will indicate whether if the woman is the biological mother. Conclusively, the maternity DNA test will deliver peace of mind and a resolution to the situation.