United Kingdom leads Worldwide drug abuse

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The UK competes for many titles however the latest statistics from the Global Drugs Survey is something that many may want to keep hidden.

The 2014 Global Drugs Survey has received over 80,000 responses in over 17 countries it provides a reality check on the changing drug habits. There are some interesting aspects that impact family law and care proceedings across the nation.

  1. The UK leads to world with 22.1% of drug users buying their illegal drugs online and having them delivered to their door
  2. Alcohol, considered the most damaging of drugs was used by over 90.8% of individuals
  3. Cannabis increased its reach to being used by 48.2% of drug users
  4. Methamphetamine also saw an increase in use to with over 23% of drug users taking the drug in the previous 12 months.

It is important to note that the study is based on an opt in and self declared drug use pattern.  Entrants are most likely wealthier as they would have to have Internet access to complete the survey. However it does paint a rather shocking view of the desperate state of the nation – a nation that is seeking now – more than ever to check out.

Research chemicals, Designer drugs and Synthetic Cannabis

Not wanting to be underdone in other categories the UK is also the largest consumer of Legal Highs, Research Chemicals (Bath Salts) and Synthetic Cannabis with around 10% of drugs users reporting use in the previous 12 months.

It does take second position for electronic THC products, similar to Vaporizing cigarettes but with THC, where the USA (early adopters) show as many as 20% of drug users on electronic THC.

It goes to show that the e-lites and vaporizing products popping up in petrol stations across the country – claimed as being harmless – are being used for even more sinister activities.

Alcohol and self induced ignorance

With Alcohol topping the cause of emergency department admissions its clear when around 40% of the population are unaware of the countries drinking guidelines we have a problem. The study has also shown that;

  1. 6.5% of the adult population are dependent drinkers. This makes an estimated 3.57 million dependent drinkers in the UK
  2. 35% of drinkers don’t think they are dependent yet should be seeking immediate medical help and support
  3. 80% of people have gone to work with a hang over in their lifetime and just under 50% went to work hung over at least once in the last year

Cannabis in a shifting world

With a global trend to legalize cannabis governments should take clear warnings from the most recent results. Not only have 48% of drugs users gone to work whilst coming down from drugs in their lifetime but 23% of drug users went to work whilst high or coming down at least once in the last year.

A shocking statistic for employers nationwide. But one that holds a far darker picture. Of all drugs used worldwide not only is cannabis very harmful in the short time with over 0.5% of uers seeking emergency medical treatment but it is the drug that people are seeking the most help to come off of.

There has been a previous long held belief by some, that cannabis is natural – non-addictive substance that is harmless. Perhaps these widely inaccurate statements are what Canada and the United States have based their legalization policies on?

If it was not addictive or destroying lives then why would more users of cannabis want to use less of the drug and get help to use less than any other drug? To put this into context a higher percentage of cannabis users are needing help to stop using compared to heroin and M-cat users with a history of injecting.

Supporting your clients moving forward

The results of this and other surveys should help educate those in the care proceedings system that drugs such as Cannabis are more difficult for people to stop using than had been previously considered.

Unless the root cause of the individuals hurts and suffering is dealt with it will easily become a fall back drug along with Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaporizing and energy drinks.

Helping the clients stop using the drugs and dealing with the root cause will then have a life long benefit for everyone involved. It also shows why seemingly harmless drugs such as Cannabis & Alcohol are the worlds most destructive.

Image from The Daily Mail

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