Hair Products & False Positive Hair Alcohol Test Results

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A recent exposure has shown that as many as 30% of hair alcohol cases reported to UK courts over a 3 year period (ending March 2014) were incorrectly interpreted.

A large reason for this was change in alcohol patterns and incorrect testing requested however around 20% of hair products available in the UK may lead to false positive FAEE results if used on a regular basis. Even if your client has used any number of these products, we have other various methods of alcohol testing that will provide a conclusive result. Contact the DNA Legal team for more details on 0203 4243 470. 

For this reason DNA Legal have developed a useful tool that allows you to select the products your clients use and produce a report indicating if any will affect your clients hair test result. 

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Hair Product Alcohol Checker

Start typing in the name of the hair product used and select from the options that appear. Enter your email address to receive a copy of the results.